Halloween Series Handmade Wear Armor Press Nail.

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Size:As the pictures show

Package Contents:

24nails、24Jelly glue、1 small nail file


100% brand new. 

How To Use:

1.use a nail file tool to evenly grind the nail surface,which can help 
increase the contact area and last longer.
2.Use alcohol to clean the nail surface and wipe it gently
3.Choose the nail that suits you, stick the jelly glue on the nail,than apply
the wear armor on your nails.


Please avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately. (Show the label whenever possible)

1. Place clear tape over your nails and press down on both sides to form a crease.
2. Use a pen to mark both sides of your nail at the widest points.
3. Remove tape from your nail and place against a ruler to measure in mm.
Refer to size chart to fnd the nail size that fits you.

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