About Us

The company’s main business is to sell domestic e-commerce platforms. After 4 years of precipitation, the company’s business continued to expand.
By chance, we had an in-depth exchange with our partner and both parties reached a consensus on business internationalization and product promotion. Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. authorized us to use its trademark MIUI for brand online sales, so we established our own e-commerce platform souljuicer.com.
Currently, the main business on our platform is juicers. We also believe that our quality will be recognized by everyone. We must thank our old customers who have been supporting us on this road.

Our mission

Dajunails is your global online destination, offering some of today’s exciting and avant-garde juicers. From the beginning of the physical store to the current online store, our philosophy is to bring our products to more customers.

We value our relationship with customers like you, so our professional customer service team is always available to help you.We are constantly adding new products and we make sure that all our staff are well trained in the latest trends and offerings.

High quality, reliability, simplicity, efficiency, maintainability and high performance price ratio are the core of SOULJUICER’s product development philosophy.

Factory Low Price

Due to our extensive and strong relationships that have been developed with manufacturers here and abroad, we are able to supply our customers with high quality products at low factory prices. We are totally committed to working with business wholesalers all over the world.

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are confident that you will enjoy all the great products available at wholesale prices.

Fast Shipping / Professional Packaging

We are able to offer world class shipping options through our long term partnerships with 4PX,UPS, Fedex, DHL and other major carriers.

Professional warehouse personnel will take good care of your orders by making sure they are packed in accordance with our rigorous standards. Your products will be carefully checked and securely packed before shipping out.

Good Customer Service

Dajunails cares about your experience with us and is here to help you. In addition to the information we provide on the website, we also have a customer service team that can help you answer any questions via email or phone at any time.

Contact: (+86)15010681798 survice@dajuglobal.top

What We Do?

New recipe

Share new delicious juice recipes on social platforms every week.

New product

Through market research, we will carefully recommend high-quality products for you.

product analysis

We will give you a comprehensive explanation of the newly launched products.